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Buddy Bong Limited Edition (50 total units)

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(2 customer reviews)


Presenting the Mini Bongalong “Buddy”

Its shaped to reduce the chance of anything flying in your mouth to next to nothing!

Takes 50ml water and best smoked when frozen!

Best smoking angle as per images.


Product Description

Bongalong Buddy Bong

Uses 50ml Water for ideal performance.

Buy your buddy bong online now, the first 50 Buddy bongs are part of a limited edition and numbered set. 1-8 of 50 have already been taken.

The Buddy design comes from a need to have a smaller pipe that still gives that smooth connoisseurial experience that the other Bongalong™ bongs do.

We created a shape that allows the water to circulate in such a fashion that it reduces the chance of the debris flowing up the neck because at that point the water is being accelerated away from the neck.

So the water circulates inside the Buddy and not in your mouth.

For best results fill with 50ml water and smoke at the angle demonstrated in the gallery images.

Because its made of ceramic you can freeze it, and experience the coldest & smoothest small ice bong you have ever had.

This Bongalong is also made in South Africa, making it another proudly local product because we do our best to keep the industry in South Africa.



2 reviews for Buddy Bong Limited Edition (50 total units)

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    5 out of 5


    Every drag i take from this bong is super smooth. Probably the smoothest of any bong i have ever smoked from. An added bonus is the fact that you can inhale as hard as you want to and practically no water splashes into your mouth. Besides all these, after my first session from this bong, i was knocked on my ass, flying high in the clouds. Truly a phenomenal bong.

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    5 out of 5


    Okay so I had a busy day, but thanks to this little beauty, it definitely was one blessed day.. Placed my order yesterday very early afternoon, got in my kitchen kinda very late this morning, and boom, on the counter, my package waiting for me.. I was very stoked! And not even to mention the smoothness of this little darth vader, and I haven’t even gotten the chance yet to pop him in the freezer.. I’m more of a small bong fan, and this is definitely my new favourite piece! This is a must buy for any stoner who loves smoking bong, in my opinion.. And I’m a huge fan of the design.. I just love this bong! Thanks bongalong ✌

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