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    Behind Eye On Food Tours are a couple of people that fell head over heels in love with Barcelona on their own first stop by at this incredible city over couple of years ago.

    Adrian, the master of the business, is really a devoted foodie, history buff plus an adventurer having a adoration for traveling and exploring different places whenever he feels the impulse. He has been fortunate to live and be employed in some amazing cities around the world for example Sydney, Buenos Aires, Panama City, Los Angeles, Washington DC and much more.

    Carolina, referred to as ‘Adrian’s little helper,’ is in charge of exactly what happens behind the scenes. Using a very curious mind, she enjoys discovering new places, activities, aromas and flavors meanwhile immersing herself from the culture of each new country she’s the opportunity to inhabit.

    They have both worked inside the food, wellness and purchasers industries for quite a while, learning many of the key ingredients on the way to give a great customer experience.

    Their journey into the culinary scene of Barcelona began whenever they started spending time researching and tasting one of the most delicious, traditional food for sale in the historic neighborhoods of Barcelona. They found themselves appreciating the ancestral heritage of the world-renowned city in search of their next locale, eager to get another taste from the regional cuisine. Their countless and unforgettable experiences here have all combined with the profound admiration that they’ve always felt for Catalan and Spanish art and history, working together to produce an unsurpassed travel experience which has become a life-style.

    One of the many reasons they made a decision to open their food tour business was to share a bunch of their invaluable experiences and fascination with authentic Spanish and Catalan cuisine with food lovers as you. They love meeting like-minded individuals, those who truly appreciate traditional cuisine and quality. As individuals who love what they do, it’s their primary goal to make you feel at home. Our tours will engage you operating your senses, and provide you with experiences you won’t ever forget.

    Gone will be the tourist traps on any one our experiences; neither selfie sticks, frozen paella or even the stereotyped sangria – only one best local drinks and food that Barcelona provides.

    It’s our pursuit to help build community by supporting local restaurants, bakeries, markets and shops. The world thinks this is important in order to keep the culture alive, and also the cuisine authentic and delicious. Eye On Food Tours is not only about us, but the many people featured at our tasting locations, which are as excited even as will be to introduce you to all the specialties that Catalonia provides!

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