So they have finally given medical cannabis the green light!

Or atleast thats what they are saying: “Government has given cannabis the green light, the IFP says this is a major victory, praising Mario Oriani-Ambrosini for standing up in Parliament and making the issue public in 2014”

But to whom is it legal now? Who is going to get the rights to grow it, process it, transport it and sell it? But more importantly who will be prescribing it and determining dosing, The Doctors? Last time I checked most doctors still dont believe that it is medicine. Very few of them even know as much as I do about cannabis… And now all of a sudden they need to catch up!

What a crock of S#$% if you ask me, the people who have been saving lives, and doing it at their own peril should be brought to the table. But that is highly unlikely because we all know its going to ge to the highest bidder!

So the fight is far from over, and here at Bongalong™ we will keep on pushing until recreational cannabis is legal!

Because then you will be allowed to grow your own, and then only will you have true access to the full medical benefits that cannabis holds at the cost of some water and effort.

In Africa, we need the weed!