Today, the Cape Town High Court ruled that it is against the constitution to arrest someone at their residence for the personal use and/or cultivation of cannabis!!

Damn straight, it has been long over due! And we would like to extend a huge thank you to Jeremy Acton and Ras Gareth Prince, who have been defending this amazing plant in Cape Town for all these years!

But remember guys that even though its been ruled now, the message still has to spread, we need to make sure that people know about it. Because it will be up to YOU to defend yourself with this knowledge if the cops kick down your door, it will be up to YOU to inform them of the change and the magistrate.

We will wait for Jeremy Action to formally release the court ruling document, print it and hang it on your wall. Will be published in tons of places once released.

Also I dont think this is an excuse to kick the hornets nest to hard, but it is definitely time to become more vocal about this issue!

Dont go being a dumbass and smoke it up everywhere, lets show some control, and remember that its only for home and PERSONAL use.

Photo credit: Justin Pienaar from Justpixel Photography and Hope in Dope.